OUR DOGS: Studs: Rolo

Puppy Loves Grandpa's Bullseye aka Rolo


Rolo is our happy-go-lucky clown of a boy. He is unfailingly happy and adventuresome. He has a little bit of a mischievous nature that keeps us guessing and giggling. He has brought our family so much joy. He lives with my Father in Law and is his faithful companion.

In addition to his charming ways, Rolo also is gorgeous so he is a favorite with the girls. He has a wonderfully thick flowing fleece coat with rare chocolate Phantom coloring. He literally will stop traffic with people inquiring as to what kind of dog he is.

Rolo has fantastic hip scores and passed his health testing with flying colors. He is structurally sound, broad through the front, nice topline and has a beautiful sabre tail. He carries recessively for red as well as parti. He is a large medium approx 20" at the shoulder and 40lbs.

We are so excited to add this boy to our breeding program.

Testing Results