OUR DOGS: Girls: Paisley

Puppy Loves Pretty Paisley aka Paisley


Paisley has a wonderful, loving personality and is lots of fun but easy-going at the same time. She is just as content to hang out on the couch as she is playing hide-and-seek with the kids or going for a run. Paisley is very good with other animals (even the cats!) and is always ready to make friends and play. She is loving and loyal and with her family and also takes to new people quickly. She is very friendly but still has nice manners and always receives compliments for her lovely disposition. She is super cute with a lovely coat and gorgeous hazel like eye colour. Paisley is part of our guardian program and they say she has brought an amazing amount of joy into their home!

Paisley - Labradoodle Girl - Puppy Love Labradoodles