OUR DOGS: Girls: Jetta

Puppy Loves Let's Jet Away aka Jetta


Oh Jetta... how does one describe this lovable, easy going girl? All Jetta wants in life is to snuggle, run in the park, snuggle some more, play tug with her labradoodle brother Kipper, show off her "tricks" to all who have a treat then hunker down at the end of the day for yet more snuggles. She's very intuitive, a trait that she inherited from her our wonderful LaDi, who is her mama and if any of her people happen to be sick you will find her snuggled right up to their side.

She loves a lazy Saturday morning lounging around with her people and is very loyal, playful and incredibly loving. Jetta has an amazing temperament and is a joy to live with.. She lives in Calgary with her amazing guardian family who adore her! She is so easy going with the children who live there and all those those who visit. She has had more than a few children smaller than her try to pick her up and carry her somewhere, or dance with her, or turn her into a wheel barrow and through it all she just keeps a goofy smile and maybe the lick of a face. If you pick her up like a baby, she immediately relaxes into your arms like a ragdoll which is a pretty comical sight for a standard sized labradoodle!

She loves camping, car rides, and meeting new people everywhere she goes. She also likes to "sing" along to the blender or a nearby siren thanks to her labradoodle brother Kipper who taught her this trick. She has a gorgeous black silky fleece coat that gets compliments wherever she goes. We really just can't say enough wonderful things about her and we're so excited to meet her babies!

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Jetta - Labradoodle Girl - Puppy Love Labradoodles